YEAR OF READING: UAE books reading milestone with billion milestone and new policies


The region’s leading edutainment app, Lamsa, has announced that over one billion minutes have been spent using the application in the past three years.

The locally designed app, which uses a variety of games, videos and reading tasks to develop an understanding of the Arabic language and instill a passion for reading, is used in more schools in the UAE than any other Arabic nation.

To celebrate the achievement, developers of the app have launched a campaign inviting individuals to design an image or video with the theme of one billion and share it on social media with the hashtag #BillionthMomentWithLamsa.

Badr Ward, CEO of Lamsa, said: “Reaching the one billion minutes milestone supports the National Year of Reading in the UAE.

“We don’t view each minute out of a billion as a mere sixty seconds, we rather treasure each increment as a precious moment.”

The achievement follows the announcement of a new National Reading Law in the UAE, which also incorporates the National Reading Strategy.

The policy includes changes in the educational system and curricula; a national health programme that encourages reading from birth; and the creation of a media policy by the National Media Council.

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