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Visit-Abu-Dhabi-01A major new initiative aimed at promoting tourism in Abu Dhabi is to be launched this week.
The aim of the SEYAHA 2009 Abu Dhabi Holidays and Travel Show is to help secure the capital’s reputation for being one of the world’s top ten travel destinations. The Abu Dhabi government has made it clear that tourism is one of the key pillars of the economic future of the capital.
Scores of leading travel companies will gather at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre from 2nd to 4th of June alongside experts from the tourism industry. They include government bodies, airlines, hotels and resorts, travel agencies, travel and tourism offices, and car rental companies.
Government tourism authorities from around the world including Korea, China, Malaysia, Iran, Tunisia and the Sudan will also be exhibiting.
The exhibition is open to the public as well as the travel trade.

[Originally published in Abu Dhabi Week vol 2 issue 20]
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