What these new archaeological finds reveal about Abu Dhabi’s past

New archaeological discoveries have revealed fresh details about Abu Dhabi’s early settlers and their way of life.

Excavation projects on Marawah Island

The latest excavations on Marawah Island by archaeologists from the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) unearthed large numbers of stone arrowheads and decorated plaster vessel fragments.

The richly painted plaster vessels feature decorative art never before seen in previous excavations.

Marawah Island lies around 100km to the west of Abu Dhabi city and around 25km northwest of the port of Mirfa.

Its unique topography was first discovered in 1992 during an archaeological inspection and from then on has continuously revealed fascinating information about Abu Dhabi’s past dating back to the Neolithic era.

New discoveries are made on Marawah Island

Previous excavations focused on one of the smaller mounds at the site and revealed a well built, three-room stone structure along with various other significant finds.

The most recent excavation, which took place between February and March this year, bared the full extent of the mound as well as a new set of artefacts.

Archaeological evidences reveal Abu Dhabi's ancient past

“The continuing archaeological excavations we are carrying out on Marawah Island continue to uncover fascinating and revealing discoveries,” said Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, chairman of DCT Abu Dhabi.

“As we at DCT Abu Dhabi work to preserve, promote and protect the heritage sites that embody this history of our region so that they can inform future generations, Marawah Island continues to present stunning evidence of our past which reveals more and more of our storied origins.”

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