Water waste! How to save the planet and keep the car clean

The United Arab Emirates is one of the top ten most water-scarce countries in the world.

With over nine million residents, the country also has one of the highest per capita water usage rate in the world. The average person is thought to consume about 550 litres per day, compared to the global average of 250 per person per day.

With water scarcity in mind the UAE government has invested AED 3.68 million to find sustainable solutions as well as encouraging citizens to seek eco-friendly solutions to water use in everyday life, such as car washes.

Although the infamous sandstorms make frequent car washes necessary, there are ways that you can help cut back on water usage to reduce your eco footprint and water usage.

Ditch the hose 


An open hose uses about 38 litres of water per minute. This means that even a fifteen-minute wash will use 570 litres of water. Using a bucket is a great way to manage how much water you use and ultimately minimise your overall water usage.

Fill two buckets with around 12 litres of water each and refill only when necessary. Make sure to use one for your soapy solution and one for the rinse.

Investing in an automatic shutoff nozzle to attach to your hose can also reduce the amount of water you use.

Don’t Use Water at All


Many companies today make waterless car cleaners. You can dampen a towel with this cleaner and wash your car with minimal or no water at all. The solutions that do require water are diluted with a very small amount and therefore reduce the need for rinsing. The solution is also biodegradable so it does not include any chemicals or pollutants which are hazardous to the environment. Do some research online or ask at shops like Ace to see what products are available. 

Find an Eco-Friendly Car Wash


If you have the resources, an average professional car wash generally uses less water than washing your car yourself. Geowash, UAE’s leading car wash company, uses on average 40-60 liters per wash and have saved 500 million liters of water in the UAE. They also use sponges designed for maximum absorption, which also decreases the amount of water needed.

So what are you waiting for? Start reducing your water usage now to help save the planet and don’t worry, your car can still be shiny clean. 

WORDS Jess Walter

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