We unlock some of the capital’s property secrets

From moving in to mid-market options, District Real Estate’s director of business development, Alan Kaye, answers your property queries


Q. I recently moved into a property to find that the landlord had not prepared it; it has not been cleaned or painted. What is required of the landlord in terms of maintenance before a tenant moves in and how can I get them to complete it now?

A. The landlord has a duty of care towards a tenant in that the property has to be in a proper and fit state before it is handed over.

On rare occasions we do find landlords are reluctant to repaint and what is clean is, of course, subjective.

The key point is that as a tenant you should not have accepted to move in until you were satisfied that it was up to standard.

We at District Real Estate always ensure that the landlord has met their obligations prior to moving in and would make sure that the tenant was fully satisfied.

As you have moved in I would suggest that you  contact the real estate company to contact
either the landlord or management company on your behalf.

If you did not use a company then you will need to do this yourself.

I would also suggest that you take photos. You may end up having to do these works yourself, so keep all receipts and when you negotiate next year’s rent you can deduct any payments that you had to make.

Q.I have a rental dispute with my landlord and I would like to stand up for my rights. Is there an authority I can present a claim to that might enforce my renter’s rights?

A. You do not say the nature of the dispute, but I would always suggest that you try to resolve any issue by meeting directly with the landlord.

In Abu Dhabi there is a Rent Dispute Settlement committee where you can file a case but it is not “user friendly” and you would need to lodge three and a half percent of your rent along with the claim.

The case would also be heard in Arabic and therefore you would also have translation costs for any documents.

Q. I have been searching for a new property to rent online but there are numerous real estate companies. How do I know which ones are professional and reliable. Is there a list of registered companies that I can access?

A. In January 2016, Abu Dhabi introduced a new property law and one of the requirements for real estate companies was that they would be registered.

The municipality is moving towards this aim but I understand that at the moment only a small number of companies are actually registered.

So at the present time you will need to ask colleagues and friends whom they would recommend.

I would also suggest that you look at the websites of the individual companies to see how professional they are and if they have testimonials from satisfied clients.

Q. I am looking to move property with a budget of up to AED 80k rent per year. What are the best options that offer good value for money?

A. In Abu Dhabi, at the moment, supply is greater than demand so you should be able to find a number of options.

The area that has the most availability at this price point is Al Reem Island. There are a number of brand new buildings with one-bedroom apartments at this price, or even lower, and we have two-bedroom apartments starting at AED 85k.

I would also suggest that you have a look at Rawdhat, which is opposite the Grand Mosque and Khalifa Park, where we have apartments from AED 72k.

If you do not mind a slightly older building then in the city and Al Zahiyah area you would also find a good selection at this price.

This article was supplied by a third party and does not reflect the views of Abu Dhabi World. To find out more, visit: districtuae.com

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