UAE residents are willing to help during emergencies

More than 78 percent of people in the UAE are willing to help others during an emergency once the new ‘Good Samaritan’ law is passed.

This is according to a recent YouGov MENA survey, which revealed that more than three quarters of people will welcome the law that will allow bystanders to offer aid in medical emergencies without fear of legal consequences.

Called the Rescuer Protection Law, the decree was recently approved by the UAE Ministry of Health and Protection and is expected to be approved by the cabinet soon.

The survey shows that many people in the UAE don’t know of the current law about helping people in emergencies, with just under a quarter (23 percent) of respondents thinking it is an offence to help a stranger in a medical emergency.

The data also shows that more than four in five people (86 percent) would voluntarily undergo medical training to become better equipped to offer assistance in an emergency situation.

Currently, just under a quarter (24 percent) of respondents said they are trained in giving CPR and a third (33 percent) are skilled in performing basic first aid treatments.

However, more are keen to develop their skills in these areas once the law is introduced.

One in six (17 percent) are willing to pay to get themselves trained in first aid or CPR, with men being twice as likely to pay for training than women.

The new law is expected to encourage people to provide assistance in life threatening situations and hopefully reduce the number of deaths.

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