UAE postal services is celebrating 110 years

You can now get your hands on commemorative stamps (225,000 no less), in honour of more than a century of postal services in the country.

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Its official, postal services in the UAE have been going for 110 years – yes, that’s actually longer than the formation of the UAE itself.

To mark this momentous milestone, Emirates Post has issued 225,000 commemorative stamps. And for you avid stamp collectors out there, they’ve even issued 1,000 first day cover sheets.

Abdulla Mohammed Al Ashram, acting CEO of Emirates Post Group, said: “The day postal services were launched in the country mark [ed] the moment when the nation began opening up to the world and the importance the role Emirates Post played in advancing its development.”

If you fancy getting your hands on the commemorative stamps and cover sheets, then head to any Emirates Post Central Customer Happiness Centres where they can be purchased from today ( 31st December).

Follow the  journey of the UAE’s  postal service over the last century

1909 – The first postal agency opens in the Emirate of Dubai

1932 – The first letter is posted from the Dubai Postal Agency via Al Mahatta runway in Sharjah, where the emirate’s first flight landed during the same year

In 1942 – The agency is transformed into a fully integrated post office, providing customers with a range of postal services

1961 – The first stamps of the Trucial States in Dubai issued

1963/4 – Post offices in the emirates beyond Dubai open

1972 – The General Directorate of Postal Services under the Ministry of Communications is established following the unification of the Emirates

1973 – The first set of stamps baring the United Arab Emirates were issued, the same year the country joined the Universal Postal Union

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