UAE makes moves to be the first zero-waste society in the region

In developed countries like the UAE, we’re all guilty of food wastage, while millions of others face shortages that result in malnutrition and death.


The rate of the world’s population growth means that by 2030, there will be 520 million mouths to feed. With the Middle East and Africa region having the highest rate of population growth, Abu Dhabi is taking responsibility to address the issue by hosting MENA Food Production 2030.

Hosted from 20th to 21st March as part of the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, the conference is a vital opportunity for government, food producers, scientists and investors to discuss sustainable solutions to food production.


The announcement of the exhibition comes after the recent launch of the UAE Food Bank, a non-profit charitable organisation that aims to reduce waste and distribute food to those in need.

Collaborating with local authorities and other charitable organisations, the initiative hopes to improve the efficiency of food packaging, storage and distribution by working closely with hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in the UAE.

Both canned and fresh foods will be collected as part of the initiative before being distributed within the UAE and abroad.

It’s part of an aim to become a zero waste society, and further supports the Year of Giving.

“We chose food as our first initiative as it is one of the most basic human needs,” explained UAE vice president HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who launched the initiative. “Through the UAE Food Bank, we aim to instil the value of giving deep in the hearts of our people.

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