Why the UAE is great for professional success

A new study has revealed that many workers in the UAE believe they are more successful here than in their home countries.

The research, carried out by professional networking website LinkedIn, surveyed expat professionals in the UAE to ask how they define success and the reason behind their trajectories.

The findings revealed that 45 percent of employees in the country describe themselves as ‘very successful’ in the UAE compared to their home country, with a further 36 percent describing themselves as ‘fairly successful’.

Data from the report also showed a link between success and happiness with 66 percent of respondents stating that success means being happy.

Additionally, 57 percent of those surveyed believe that being exposed to different cultures makes them more creative and 61 percent credited a workplace best friend who helps them to get through the day.

Ali Matar, head of LinkedIn MENA, said: “Our latest study conveys intriguing insights into the UAE’s labour force, revealing how a significant number believe themselves to have attained professional success already.

“These results also break down the perception that success happens within a vacuum.

“Each of us have entire communities to thank for our careers – from our families and friends to our colleagues and mentors – and as the world’s leading networking platform for professionals, we hope to be an integral part of this community.”