Are UAE drivers tolerant? Survey says…

Constantly fuming while behind the wheel?

Well, you’re not alone!


A recent survey measured how tolerant UAE motorists are with each other while on the road.

RoadSafetyUAE, together with ethical insurance firm Noor Takaful, conducted the first-of-its-kind behaviour research in line with the country’s Year of Tolerance theme for 2019.

The survey showed that 50% of respondents believe that road users are tolerant to each other in general.

However, 73% admitted to road rage, ranging from ‘often’ to ‘sometimes’ due to reckless driving habits of other drivers.

The survey also revealed that 58% observed rude retaliating driving or stopping and blocking traffic as an act of road rage, while 36% witnessed offensive gestures and 24% foul language.

Thomas Edelmann, founder and managing director of RoadSafetyUAE, said that the results from the research will help to understand the behaviours exhibited by the country’s drivers.

To view the full report, visit:

Be safe and keep your cool on the road, guys!

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