ADW pumps up the volume at Twiink Studio

Recharge and rev it up – that was the goal when I stopped by Twiink, the charming new lash studio in Abu Dhabi, to experience its services first hand.

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By Tamara Clarke

Twiink might be the new kid on the block but this studio holds its own when it comes to aesthetics.

Set along the promenade at Al Muneera Beach Plaza, the shop is pretty in pink both inside and out. The interior is welcoming, light and bright when I enter – a stark contrast to the dark walls and low lights in the treatment area – an expansive space that’s partitioned with hanging curtains for privacy.  

I am greeted warmly on arrival and escorted to the treatment area where I’m introduced to the lash artist.

As I situate myself on the bed, Miko arrives and we chat about my beauty regimen and habits. She casually asks if I wear makeup, glasses or sunglasses all in the rhythm of our conversation and as I lie down she says, “give her a volume set.” I realise in that moment that I had been diagnosed without feeling like I was being evaluated. Miko explained that with my big eyes and dark skin, the volume set enhances without overpowering my face. 

The application

Feeling comfortable with the plan, I close my eyes and the service begins. The lash artist gives me additional info about the process as the time passes. We are paired together for two hours (it takes about an hour for each eye) so there is plenty of time for me to learn that a combination of three lengths of lashes from Lashbox LA are being applied (eight, nine and 10mm). The volume set consists of two to six extensions that are handcrafted into one fan and then applied to one natural lash. 

The process is pain-free and continues without incident. I shuffle a bit to readjust after laying on my back for an extended period of time but clearly, I’m not too uncomfortable as I woke myself up snoring (insert face palm). The lash artist dries my lashes with a fan and invites me to take a look in the mirror. 

A new look 

My lashes are indeed more voluminous and the extensions give the illusion that I’m wearing eyeliner and mascara, which I am not – a bonus I can live with as someone who refuses to wear makeup daily. I am prepped on maintenance and reminded of the golden rules for lash survival – no picking, no pulling, no plucking, no twisting – and I’m off with a set of lush lashes to blink and flutter like never before. 

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