Tollgate system to be implemented in Abu Dhabi in October

Toll fees are soon to be a reality for Abu Dhabi motorists.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) has announced the new tariff system starting on 15th October.

The areas covered for the first phase are Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Mussaffah Bridge and Maqta Bridge.

Motorists will be charged AED 4 to pass the tollgate during peak hours, from 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm, and AED 2 during non-peak hours, Fridays and holidays.

The toll collection system is operational 24/7, with a daily maximum fee of AED 16 per vehicle, according to the official release.

The amount due will be automatically deducted from a prepaid user account or the Integrated Electronic Payment wallet.

Vehicles will be automatically identified by their plate number without having to stick a tag on the windshield.

There will be a ten-working day grace period to be given to non-registered vehicles using the mentioned roads. After that, an initial AED 100 fine will be slapped, then AED 200 for the second day and AED 400 after up to a maximum of AED 10,000.

Motorists are therefore encouraged by authorities to open a special toll account to easily manage vehicle details and process payments online.

Vehicle owners and drivers must ensure to have sufficient credit in their accounts when crossing the toll gate systems to avoid incurring penalties.

All Abu Dhabi registered vehicles on the official system registration launch, 30th August 2019, will have automatically registered accounts at no charge.

Account-holders will automatically receive an SMS message stating their user-name and password for that account, and can then add any additional vehicles to the registered account as required.

Vehicle owners residing outside Abu Dhabi must register in the system before using the toll routes.

Furthermore, vehicle owners are reminded to always keep license plates information visible at all times to ensure correct data-reading by the system.

For more details and updates, visit: and its social media pages at @ITCAbuDhabi.

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3 thoughts on “Tollgate system to be implemented in Abu Dhabi in October

  1. Sushant

    My vehicle is still registered with Ajman plate even though I have been living in Abu Dhabi since 2 years. Now they are implementing this toll system in Abu Dhabi. What is the process of changing my car registration to Abu Dhabi?


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