Follow these helpful tips for a digital detox

Using electronic devices is pretty much unavoidable in 2019, but if the time you spend connected is bringing you down, read our tips for a digital detox…

digital detox

Words by Tamara Clarke

Unsubscribe: Whether you signed up voluntarily or not, there’s no reason to continue receiving digital spam in the form of unwanted emails. Unsubscribe from all email services that waste your time or detract from your goals.

Filter emails: If unsubscribing doesn’t work, you can always direct certain emails to the bin – you don’t even have to see them. Filtering also lets you give priority to the senders that mean the most, like Abu Dhabi World!

digital detox

Trim your friends lists: Social media likely accounts for most of the time you spend online and if that’s the case, you need to check your ‘friends’. Negative people will only bring you down, and can even make you sick. So do what your soul craves and hit unfriend.

Kill the To-Do list: Do you have a daily To-Do list that seems to just keep growing and growing? Try using Trello to note them all down for later and applying the KanBan approach of only focusing on three key tasks at any one time for maximum focus. Move completed tasks into a ‘Done’ pile and then carefully consider what to add to your ‘Working On’ list next you will find your productivity skyrockets and so will task satisfaction.

Happy disconnecting – hopefully, we make the cut!

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