This steakhouse is the new rockstar in Abu Dhabi’s food scene

No matter what food trend comes our way, steaks have always managed to endure.

There’s something about meat grilled to perfection that excites foodies.

Likewise, steakhouses remain a place where people flock to enjoy a great meal that will impress.

British steakhouse Oak Room in The Abu Dhabi EDITION evokes the opulence that we commonly associate with traditional steakhouses from the appearance to the ambiance and menu.

By design, the restaurant is not instantly noticeable, its large entrance hidden behind an imposing dark recessed wooden door that doubles as a giant wall.

Oak Room The Abu Dhabi EDITION

That alone is an indication of the restaurant’s intimate and classy character.

Inside, large frames with black and white photos of rock and roll icons like David Bowie, Duran Duran and The Rolling Stones line the venue – a nod to the ‘British rock n’ roll’ steakhouse image that the restaurant fashions itself as.

Adding another element to the design is the glass casing that houses a variety of meat cuts and butcher tools.

Fine steak at the Oak Room in The Abu Dhabi EDITION

Naturally the menu focuses on red meat with various speciality steak cuts from around the world, including Phoenix Wagyu rump cap and a Spanish rubia striploin, but there’s also a selection of fish – classic fish pie and fish and ships are on the menu, of course – as well as a couple of burgers and salads.

We get the ball rolling with the homemade ricotta. The cheese serves as the centrepiece, surrounded by sliced tomatoes and basil. The highlight, though, is the 25-year aged balsamic vinegar carefully poured on the ricotta. With a tinge of sweetness, this is perhaps the best tasting vinegar I’ve ever come across, blending perfectly with the cheese and tomato.

The mac and cheese, meanwhile, is a delicious dish given a unique twist with the addition of soft, pulled beef. Served in a small, hot casserole dish, the pasta is coated in a creamy cheese sauce and a grilled breadcrumb topping.

Mac and cheese at the Oak Room The Abu Dhabi EDITION

For the main event, we go for the John Stone tomahawk, a mouth-watering steak suitable for two people. The meat is tender and juicy, and we waste no time finishing off the dish, seasoning to our taste with the provided salt granules on the side.

The meat is served on its own but side dishes can be ordered – we pair our tomahawk with thick crispy fries and green peppercorn sauce.

We cap off the meal with apple and blackberry crumble, a British classic. Served piping hot, the fruity treat is served with almond ice cream – a delicious combination that is light yet satisfying.

Apple and blackberry crumble at the Oak Room The Abu Dhabi EDITION

While managing to instil the sophistication of a traditional steakhouse, Oak Room doesn’t come across as overly intimidating, and that’s a good thing. Perhaps it’s the warm ambiance and friendly staff that does that. Either way, this restaurant – with its great food and impeccable setting – proves why steakhouses are here to stay.

Need to know

Location: Oak Room, The Abu Dhabi EDITION, Al Bateen
We say: Good food selection highlighted by great steak all served in a pleasing ambiance
Cost: AED 555 for two
Opening times: Daily 6pm-midnight
Contact: 02 304 8381,

WORDS Ferdinand Godinez

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