Do you think before you post on social media?

With the rise of social media, we share our lives online now more than ever before, and choosing what and where to post is a personal choice.

social media

But what are the rules with respect to posting about others online?

Telecommunications provider du tackled this subject with the second instalment of its PostWisely campaign, which aims to encourage ethical behaviour online and inspire conversations around harmful social media usage.

“Part of our corporate social responsibility is to create the platform for this conversation,” said Osman Sultan, CEO at Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company, while speaking at the launch in Abu Dhabi. “But it’s not only us who needs to do the talking.”

To spur this conversation, the company released four hard-hitting videos around the theme, ‘If it was your pain, would you share it?’. Each video addresses the negative impact of posting other people’s misfortunes online. Tragedies like a car accident, house fire and bullying are used to convey how frequently this type of content makes it into our newsfeeds and how traumatising it can be for the person who’s being exploited.

Osman urged the community to use these videos as a jumping off point to talk to our friends, family members and perhaps most importantly, children, about posting responsibly.

Abdulwahed Juma Fraish, du’s executive vice president for brand and corporate communications, added that according to an Ipsos survey conducted as part of the campaign, 55 percent of respondents reported feeling regret after posting online.

This campaign strives to make people more mindful of how sharing online effects those around them and encourages more thoughtful, positive exchanges. With production of these videos, du has taken a bold step to improve online communities by reminding us to post wisely.

WORDS Tamara Clarke

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