These secondhand items are selling fast

A recent poll by classifieds website dubizzle has revealed the increasing popularity of buying and selling secondhand items across the country.

The survey shows that 60 percent out of the 1,000 respondents have either bought or sold used items in the past six months.

Used electronics emerged as the most sold items in the second-hand market followed by home and gardening equipment.

Surveyed participants cited the quick cash turnaround as a key motivator for selling their belongings, with 22 percent stressing their urgent need for extra money, and 19 percent wanting a lifestyle upgrade. Other reasons for selling include relocating, decluttering and wanting to extend the life of their items. 

Meanwhile, respondents who did not sell used items in the last six months reasoned that they don’t have any belongings that they feel like selling, while others prefer to pass their pre-loved items on to family and friends, aren’t sure how to price their items or just opted to recycle.

“People have more unused items in their home than they think, but what they don’t realise is that they are sitting on an opportunity to supplement their earnings,” commented Salma Anabtawi, head of customer experience at dubizzle.

“Through buying or selling unused items, we can create a more sustainable and economical community.” 

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