This bubbly brunch hits the spot

The Market Brunch blends luxury with the freshness of a farmer’s market and straight-from-the sea selections for the ultimate weekend indulgence.  

the market brunch seafood

Sim Sim, located inside the gorgeous Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas, is home to The Market Brunch, a high-spirited way to spend Friday afternoon in the capital.

We take in idyllic views of the resort as we make our way across the expansive, sparsely decorated lobby, which boasts minimal furnishings, high ceilings and a rear wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. The space is open, airy and grand – the perfect prelude to the festivities happening at the restaurant.

The pathway to the entrance is flanked by stands filled with bushels of vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, peppers and herbs, to name a few.

There’s a replica of a farmer’s market on the way to The Market Brunch, yet another nod to the fresh approach of the day’s event.

the market brunch

The restaurant is buzzing with activity, and a team of greeters and servers are cheerfully awaiting guests. We are escorted to a table, given wristbands and two fish- shop tickets with the table number written at the top.

We take our tickets and head straight for the Fish Market – arguably the most coveted aspect of this brunch – and fill our plates with selections of raw seafood. We leave the tickets and our plates piled high with fresh lobster, prawns, crab and sea bass fillets with the grill chefs and explore the other delicacies on offer.

There’s a salad bar, an Asian- themed bar with crispy panko fried comfort food, dim sum, sushi and a live-cooking station for customised stir-fry.

The indoor- outdoor setup lends itself to a number of sizzling grills including one for beef where a selection of ribeye is perfectly cooked.

the market brunch lobster plate

We arrive at the table just in time to receive the grilled seafood selections and tuck into this made- to-order feast complimented by a steady flow of premium beverages.

The servers keep the glasses full, and we also help ourselves in the branded serving areas to pour it up some more. This brunch is big on bubbles, catering to those who like toasting it up with good food.

The dessert area has a small selection of cakes and pastries, but the ice cream bar is the real treat by far. We chill with a cone (or two) of vanilla and caramel-flavoured ice cream to end the meal.

We make our way pass the rustic containers of vegetables, back through the elegant hotel lobby completely satisfied having experienced The Market Brunch – a toast to the good life, grounded by the understated charm of a farmer’s market.

Need to know

We Say: Pour it up | From AED 700 for two. Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villa, Saadiyat Island. Thu 1pm-4pm.02 697 0000,

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