Tips to keep your teeth shiny and bright

You are what you eat and it can affect your teeth too! So Snö Dental’s new chief dental officer Dr Tórunn Dalsgarð shares these dietary tips to protect them!

Follow these tips for teeth worth smiling for!

Avoid hard food such as hard candies and lollipops
The oral bacteria that causes tooth decay has an affinity for sugary foods, which means that candies and lollipops can lead to cavities.

Not only that, it is common for your teeth to crack while eating hard foods. It’s much better to eat candy once a week rather than a little every day, since it is the frequency that destroys the teeth.

Avoid acidic drinks and foods like soda and citrus juices
These kinds of  beverages contain a large amount of acid and sugar, which harms teeth.

First, such substances break down enamel, then saturates the tooth with sugar which encourages the growth of bacteria.

Never brush your teeth directly after drinking such drinks as this will remove the softened enamel even more. Instead, rinse with water.

Stay hydrated
If you frequently suffer from a chronic dry mouth, you might be at a greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

Drink water when thirsty at regular intervals to keep your mouth moist and healthy.


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