How is this teacher aiming to inspire pupils?

Skydiving and handling snakes are just two of the challenges an Abu Dhabi-based teacher has given himself as part of a series of events to raise awareness of children’s mental health.

Liam Kelly, the author of children’s book Worried William, will kick off the Worried William Series of Worrying Events on 25th January by singing on stage at a school concert.

Taking part in an event that scared him as a child every month, Liam will conclude the series with skydiving in December. The initiative is part of Liam’s efforts to conquer his own fears while increasing awareness about anxiety
in children

Speaking about his campaign, Liam said: “I really am going out of my comfort zone and putting myself in situations that still scare me, but we have to help raise the awareness of children’s mental health. Still today, many parents are putting too much pressure on children.

They need to realise that children are individuals who are unique and do have worries.

“In today’s society, children look at adults as role models and gain confidence and inspiration from anyone honest and empathetic about their worries and fears,” he continued. “Children need to know that they are not alone and the best way to approach any worry or fear is to initially communicate about it.”

Admitting that fear held him back as a child, Liam wants to show children the steps that they can take to overcome a fear while also showing parents that empathy can help a child overcome their anxieties.

“I want parents to ask themselves, ‘Could I do what I’m expecting of my child and how would I feel?’

“Children will see that by seeking help and advice, they will start to equip themselves with the necessary tools to judge different situations in a more positive manner.”

To keep up with Liam’s progress, follow @worriedwilliam on Facebook and Instagram.

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