Syrian traditions showcased at this unique exhibition

Traditional water fountains are the focus of this expo exploring  the connection between nature and architecture.

Structures of Impermanence at Warehouse421 is the brainchild of artist and architect Talin Hazbar, and focuses on the use of the bah-rah, or water fountain, in traditional Syrian architecture.

Visitors will learn how the bah-rah is used as central point of social interaction in Syria’s communities.

More importantly, the installation bridges the relationship between a structure and the rituals that emerge around it as influenced by cultural, social and religious traditions.

The exhibition is assembled from four fountain quarters, spread throughout the space.

This gives the audience a chance to experience each fountain separately while also establishing their connection to the surroundings.

Faisal Al Hassa, manager of Warehouse421, commented: “The bah-rah will be recognisable to audiences as a customary expression of the traditional Syrian home, yet the opportunity to understand its social and cultural situation presents an intriguing opportunity.

“Its status as an object that is both strikingly immovable and at the same time incessantly fluid presents a dichotomy that is fascinating for those interested in regional architectural design.”

The free exhibition runs until 29th December. Visit:

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