Survey says: Arab youth want to live in the UAE

For the eighth year in a row, the UAE emerged as the top country of choice for young people in the region to live and work in, according to the latest findings from the Arab Youth Survey. 

arab youth survey

The country was chosen by 44 percent of those surveyed as the one they would most want to live in, followed by Canada, US, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

The annual report, conducted by marketing agency ASDA’A BCW, aims to gain insight into the attitudes and thoughts of the younger Arabic demographic. 

The study also revealed that Arab youngsters under the age of 30 are resorting more to social media to access news, favouring digital platforms like Instagram and Facebook over traditional forms such as TV and newspapers.

Meanwhile, the majority of the surveyed participants expressed concern about unemployment and the rising cost of living, and many are looking at the government for support.

The report also indicated rising mental health problems, with one-third of young Arabs confiding that they know someone dealing with psychological issues but struggle to access quality medical care.

E-commerce continues to gain strength in the region with young people frequenting the medium more than ever. 

The figures showed that the number of young Arabs shopping online has spiked significantly over the past year, rising to 71 percent from 53 percent in 2018. 

“[This survey] has become a platform for young Arabs to have their voices heard around the world, a forum for debate on the Middle East’s future and a trackable chain of insights and analysis stretching back more than a decade, charting the recent history of a tumultuous region through the eyes of its youth,” ASDA’A BCW founder Sunil John said.

“Ultimately, the Arab Youth Survey has evolved to become an essential part of the conversation around the hopes and fears of young people in the Middle East and an important barometer of how an important demographic view their past, present and future.”

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