Leftover brunch food to feed strays in Abu Dhabi

Food waste, stray dogs, Emirati chef Jamal Al Breiki, of Chef J Gourmet,

An Abu Dhabi hotel is cutting down on food waste and helping animals.

Emirati chef Jamal Al Breiki, of Chef J Gourmet, has teamed up with Springbok Butchery and Catering UAE, Fairmont Hotel Abu Dhabi and Animal Action UAE, to serve leftover food from the hotel’s Friday brunch to stray animals in the city.

Waste food is processed, minced and taken to Cloud 9 Pet Hotel and Care for the dogs to chow down on.

Jamal tells us: “My wife and I have been part of the animal welfare community and have seen the struggles of animal organisations, and the time and money that these amazing volunteers are putting in to feed, rescue, house and treat these animals.

“Elias Saad, the F&B manager at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, is a good friend of mine so I went to him with the idea. We would tackle two problems at the same time – food going to waste and the cost of feeding the strays – by turning leftovers into food, I told him.”

The plan is to collect, mince and deliver the food to volunteers and vets every week, so animals on the street and in shelters get a proper feed.

Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi has also agreed to donate food leftovers to help feed strays across the city.

“It’s extremely important to address food wastage,” says Jamal, who is looking to partner with more restaurants to further spread the message.

“Unfortunately, I think it is inevitable and would most likely not end in this lifetime. But if we can turn this waste into something that would benefit other starving souls, then we have taken at least a significant step in reducing its harmful impact.”

For more information on this ‘pawsome’ idea, follow The Doggy Bag Initiative UAE on Facebook.

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