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Students in the capital are helping spread the love of learning internationally, with a specially organised book collection drive. Sponsored by the Mubarak Bin Mohamed School, the schoolchildren have been gathering books to be donated to underprivileged students in Bangladesh.

To take place today (Thursday 13th June), children will be packing books in special parcels to be delivered to fellow students at two schools in Bangladesh. A natural extension of the Abu Dhabi Reads project, which encourages students in the capital to read books, Grade 3 teachers Ms. Desiré Adams and Ms Shalanda Douglas came up with the idea of sharing books with underprivileged schools who cannot afford reading resources.


After brainstorming ways to connect student education in the local, regional and international communities, the idea of an international book drop was born. Grade 5 English teacher Mr Elijah, along with Adams and Douglas, helped to organise the project and allowed students the opportunity to connect with other classmates around the world.

“It was a project for students to realise the importance of reading and also to build relationships with underprivileged schools for future projects,” says Grade 3 English teacher Desiré Adams.

Nine-year-old Abdurahman Nayef added, “I like books and stories very much. Reading makes me learn English. I want the students in Bangladesh to learn English.”

Approximately 150 books were collected school-wide and will be delivered to students in Bangladesh within three to four weeks. The books will be transported by the foundation, Choice to Change, which was founded by Etihad Airways Cabin Crew in 2010.

“The school hopes that this reading project will only be the start of many projects to come. We intend to take the MBM extends Abu Dhabi Reads to other countries and provide reading resources to schools and students globally,” said Adams. Currently, the school is considering options in Africa for their next project.


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