Delicious discount for medical workers

Medical staff are working tirelessly on the front lines of the covid-19 crisis and this restaurant says ‘thank you’ in a special way.

sopranos pizza

Sopranos restaurant is giving doctors, nurses and medics all the pizza and pasta they can eat for 50% off. This is their way of saying thanks for working hard to keep the community safe during this difficult time. The offer can be availed on both takeaway and delivery orders. Here’s how it works:

For takeaway orders, medical workers simply need to show their work ID, which should be issued from a medical facility or hospital. For delivery orders, medical workers are required to call the restaurant and send a photo of their work ID via Whatsapp.

As the global pandemic looms, the UAE government has closed cultural sites and restricted entry as precautionary measures to safeguard humanity, but medical workers continue to press on. We stand with Sopranos in saying, thank you.

To order, contact: 02 641 8182,


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