Why your smartphone addiction is a problem

A recent survey has shed light on how mobile devices are affecting our ability to socialise with people.

The study by cyber security and anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab UAE showed that 89 percent of people in the country pick up their phones to avoid conversing with another person.

The survey also revealed that 41 percent of people resort to their mobile devices to pass the time on a daily basis, while 34 percent use it as a distraction.

In relation to that, 35 percent admitted to feeling worried that they will not be able to entertain themselves without their devices, with another 16 percent dreading not being able to access their phones to make them appear busy.

What’s more, 29 percent of those surveyed would opt to use an app or go online to book a cab or ask for specific directions rather than ask someone.

While certainly not ideal, this culture of over dependence on mobile devices is not expected to change any time soon.

It was reported last year that mobile phone usage in the UAE increased as the number of new telecom subscribers surged by more than 132,000.

Smart phone penetration in the UAE is also the highest in the world at 82.2 percent as of May 2018, according to the Global Mobile Market Report by market intelligence firm Newzoo.

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