Smart driving test in Abu Dhabi almost ready to go

Artificial intelligence is set to play a bigger role in the issuance of driving licences in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Police announced during the 26th World Road Congress at ADNEC that the ‘Smart Driving Test’ system will be ready to roll out in December.

The high-tech system will be used to evaluate a person’s capability to drive a car in the road.

Bringing the system to life are specially designed cars fitted with exterior and interior cameras and sensors designed to grade a driver’s performance.

A police representative during the event vouched for the system’s accuracy, saying that the driver can request for a video review of the test.

There will also be a police officer inside the vehicle to assist in case there’s an emergency.

A total of 18 smart cars will be deployed in Abu Dhabi, ten in Al Ain and eight in Al Dhafra this coming December.

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