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Al Wahda Mall’s new extension hosts the family-friendly Russo’s New York Pizzeria. Already bustling with patrons, we were welcomed warmly, as we settled in for a hearty Italian feast.

Like a moon hitting your eye, we saw the biggest pizza pie at the entrance of the dining area; a 28-inch of pizza with a variety of toppings – it was ‘amore’ at first sight and pizza is certainly the pride of this eatery.

Seated with our guest, our eyes wandered from the colossal pizza to gaze at the walls adorned with family-style photos of bella Italia and, of course, more pizza!

Russo’s is all about tradition, which is very apparent in their menu. Recipes that boast fresh vegetables, incredible ingredients and made with lots of love, these are dishes Mamma would be proud of. So, on to the starters…

Our guest opened with the calamari fritti. With lashings of fresh lemon and a marinara dipping sauce, she enjoyed her starter so much, only a few crumbs of crunchy batter remained. We selected the meatballs pomodoro. Punching with beefy taste, the tender meat crumbled as it soaked up the sweet and aromatic sauce. Our bowl was then mopped up with warm focaccia bread leaving the dish clean and sparkling.

The zealous staff cleared our table as our tummies took a little break. And with the conversation focused on the food  (because neither party would share!) our mains arrived. It would be rude not to sample the doughy goodness of this establishment, right? Our choice of pizza was the New York Village. Beef pepperoni, Italian beef, mushrooms, black olives, white onions, all-natural mozzarella and bell peppers packed this pizza to the crust. Buono! And for the second time in the evening, food envy kicked in. A piping hot Margarita pizza was presented to our friend. Fresh slices of tomato layered on top of soft, stringy mozzarella. The classic topping was an impeccable example, which we are sure Mr Russo himself would happily savour.

The food here is filling, and it was difficult to finish our mains. So much so there wasn’t room left for dessert! With the risk of exploding, we did however peruse the sweet options. We advise any diner to consider the chocolate eruption – the picture is a good sign of some serious chocolatey goodness!

Russo’s is a great place to rest those shopped-out feet for lunch, and is just as inviting for all the family on an evening out. Bravo regazzi!



What: Russo’s New York Pizzeria

Where: Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi.

Prices:  Starters from AED 19 and pizzas from AED 40

We say: Why not order the XL pizza for a party or for lunch with the office!

Contact: 02 445 6030

Jack Dignum
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