Three must-see shows at NYUAD Arts Center

NYUAD Art Centre

NYUAD Art Centre is gearing up for its new season.

All of the shows are enticing but in the event you can’t go to them all, Bill Bragin, NYUAD Art Center’s executive artistic director, tells us about three must-sees…


Barzakh Festival

NYUAD Art Centre

“I am super excited about our Barzakh Festival this year in part because, for the rst time, we are really taking advantage of the fact that we have got multiple venues. So, in the past, we have had it on a single stage but over multiple nights.

“This year we have turned it into a three-stage single-night festival so that the audience can go from place to place to place. So, for me, again, as a dynamic and as a truly multiple- stage festival experience it really uses our arts centre to its fullest potential. That is super exciting to me and I love the bands who are a part of it.”

Described as a ‘musical meeting place of genre-shattering artists,’ this season’s Barzakh Festival features The Prince of rai 2.0 Sofiane Saidi & Mazalda, among others.

31st January, various venues, NYUAD


Flight – Vox Motus

NYUAD Art Centre

“It is a theatre piece that is experienced with headphones and watching a sculptural set rotate in front of you and it is about a really important subject, which is the experience of young refugees.

“So, I think that and Cartography (by Kaneza Schaal and Christopher Myers) really speak to people who are pushing the form of the arts, but also doing it in the service of really larger conversations.”

12th-21st September, The Black Box, NYUAD


Kid Koala

NYUAD Art Centre

Reminiscing on past seasons, Kid Koala’s 2017 visit to the UAE is one of Bill’s fondest memories. He is excited to welcome back the prolific DJ, producer, multi-media performer and award-winning graphic novelist.

“Kid Koala was just a joy, other than the fact that we went skiing together in Dubai and I don’t ski and got frostbite and couldn’t feel my fingers for about three months!

“The energy that he brought and the response…the work is really magical, it is virtuosic and it also just opens up the imagination.”

12th & 13th March, The Red Theater, NYUAD

For the full NYUAD Art Center Season 5 run down, visit

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