Sheikh Zayed will be celebrated in a new art project

Sheikh Zayed, the founding father of the nation, is remembered for being a generous, tolerant and progressive leader during his 33-year reign.


To honour these traits and celebrate the 100th year of the late leader’s birth, an Abu Dhabi artist has conceptualised a creative challenge.

For 100 days starting on 2nd August, artist Kasia Dzikowska will create a canvas inspired by the personality, stories and legacy that characterised Sheikh Zayed.

Using a range of techniques including painting, collage, drawing and mixed media, the project’s completion is due to coincide with the UAE’s 47th National Day on 2nd December.

“There is such a huge admiration and appreciation for Sheikh Zayed and the vision he had for this country,” Kasia explained. “As it is the 100th year of his birth, I thought it would be nice to move my art towards celebrating his beautiful legacy.

“His vision was about long-distance thinking, about creating a country that was going to be modern and that looked into the future rather than concentrating on the past,” she added.

Sheikh Zayed uae

A teacher at Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls, Kasia feels that it’s important for her students to recognise the founding father’s legacy – not just during the Year of Zayed, but in the years to come.

“As a teacher of young girls, I feel that it’s so helpful for the kids to still feel connected to Sheikh Zayed and what he did,” she noted. “It’s not just about celebrating him in the Year of Zayed; he is present in all aspects of life and we can still feel his impact everywhere today.”

To see Kasia’s artwork and progress, follow her on Instagram:

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