Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque a meeting place of cultures

Throughout the holy month, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque became a meeting place of cultures with its Jusoor programme.

Four days during Ramadan, guests were invited to learn more about local culture and Islam through a guided tour, witnessing the old tradition of firing the iftar canon, volunteering in the Iftar Project to help thousands of people break their fast at the mosque and join in an iftar experience themselves.

An iconic landmark in the capital and around the world, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque regularly welcomes a diverse mix of guests from around the world, seeking to learn more about Islam and to pray. During Ramadan, the mosque welcomes Muslims to its tents to break their fast with a complimentary iftar.

This year, more than 918,000 guests visited the mosque during the first 20 days of Ramadan alone, of which nearly 610,000 were fasting guests, 180,000 were worshippers and 128,000 were visitors.

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