Eight awesome DIY projects you can do with your kids

It’s not just mum and dad who can be handy and crafty around the house.


Here are some summer proof projects to do with the kids:

Keeping your children entertained all summer long can be quite tedious. To help you decide how to keep them thinking creatively, we’ve shortlisted some projects that will busy them for hours, while also learning a few DIY skills.

Put together a photo scrapbook

This activity only requires a scrapbook, glue sticks and some pictures.

Let your kids pick out a selection of family photos to paste into the scrapbook. Decorate around them with colour pencils, glitter, crayons and stickers. If you’re going on a summer holiday, suggest that your kids collect trinkets each day that they can stick into their holiday scrapbook and look back on in the future.

Mum and Dad can take it one step further by learning bookbinding at The Knowledge Academy. Visit: bit.ly/2wooEPi


Design an aquarium

Teach your kids how to be responsible and look after a pet.

Do some research with your kids about the different types of fish and key considerations when choosing fish. Take them to your local pet shop and choose the aquarium, fish, aquatic plants and ornaments. Set it up together at home in a fish-friendly spot.


Build a treehouse

This project is more time consuming so you might need a carpenter or gardening company to help with the design. However, there are lots of fun designs online. Try instructables.com 

Ask your kids to bring you some treehouse designs they like, then choose the best one.

To make sure that it is safe, consult a professional gardening company or handyman while you are building it. Try servicemarket.ae for these.

Make a papier-mâché piñata

Fill a balloon with some small, wrapped sweets, then blow it up.

To make the papier-mâché paste, mix one cup of flour and one cup of water with a spoon until you get a thick glue-like consistency.

Then get an old newspaper and rip it into small shreds, use the mixture to stick the paper onto the balloon. Cover it in multiple layers, then put it out to dry.

Once dry, use a small needle to pop the balloon and get your kids to paint it. Then hang it up and let them take turns trying to break it.


Grow an (indoor) vegetable garden

Growing a vegetable garden might seem impossible in an apartment, but you can dedicate a space near a window for a mini garden. Avocados, herbs, tomatoes, peppers and radishes are a few fruit and vegetables examples you can grow indoors.

Your kids will be happy to help you plant the seeds and watch the growth of the vegetables.

For a guide to indoor vegetable gardens visit: bit.ly/2hqYkS2

Build a cardboard camper playhouse

You can make a simple playhouse tent with some furniture and bedsheet. For a sturdier playhouse, use some cardboard boxes.

Cut out some windows and a door and then paint it, before letting your imagination run wild!

Create a tin can wind chime

Gather a few used tin cans, remove the labels, and paint them. Pierce a small hole at the bottom of the cans and thread a string through, tying a knot at the end.

Do this with multiple cans, making sure the strings are at different lengths before hanging them from a piece of wood, or thick cardboard.


Design decorative string lights

If you have extra Christmas lights at home that you want to jazz up, or just want unique lights to decorate your home with, these DIY pin pong lights are a great way to add a funky touch to your home.

The project is simple enough for little ones to get involved in, just make sure to supervise during the process and let them have free reign to personalise the lights to fit their personality.

Visit: ledworld.com.au

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