This is what Santa’s lead elf has to say

What is it really like to be Santa’s right-hand man? How do elves make so many toys every year? And what do they get up to after the festive season? We chat with Santa’s lead elf to find out! 

What is it like in Santa’s Workshop in the lead up to the festive season?

It’s crazy here right now; I can hardly catch my breath. I’m still making toys even as we speak. We’re working double shifts to get everything ready for all the children across the world. Even though we use a dash of magic – I don’t think I’m meant to tell you that – every item that leaves Santa’s Workshop is produced to the highest quality so there’s no room for error. It’s not easy being an elf, you know.

How do elves produce so many toys and games in the run-up to the big day?

We’ve been training for this our whole lives. Our duty is to make beautiful products for all the good boys and girls, and we’ve been building, mixing, mashing, bashing and crafting objects since before we could walk. Every year, we have to produce more and more, but we always manage to meet the requirements with some elbow grease and a can-do attitude. Plus, we always have a sing-along in the workshop to keep up morale.

What are some of your favourite songs to sing along to?

We like to sing all the festive favourites and take turns starting the songs for everyone else to join in. However, last week one elf began to sing Ed Sheeran and he had to be stopped immediately. Can you imagine hundreds of elves singing pop? Santa would not approve.

How do all the elves keep their energy levels up in the workshop?

Candy, of course – have you never met an elf before? Elves are required to eat our
five-a-day to remain healthy: that’s lollipops, candy canes, chocolate, candy floss and marshmallows. It’s all part of a healthy diet for an elf, but I don’t recommend it for children.

Santa knows if children have been naughty or nice. Have you seen the naughty list this year and should we be worried?

Yes, I have seen it: I am the lead elf, after all. However, this year, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we’ve decided to stop giving out lumps of coal to naughty children. Instead, children who are on the naughty list will be given a to-do list full of good deeds so that they can make it up to Santa for next year. That was my idea. Pretty neat, huh?

What do elves do after the festive season is over? Does work begin again straight away?

Of course not! We are elves, not robots – we need a break. Santa usually takes us all on holiday for a week – somewhere warm, of course – so that we can rest and recuperate. Last year, we all went to Australia. Santa came home with a sunburn and Rudolph learned to surf.

As we prepare for the festive season, what message do you have for the children of Abu Dhabi?

Any gift is special, regardless of what it is. Be grateful and happy with what you have and don’t put too much focus on material things. Family is the most important gift at this time of year, so make sure you soak up every moment, share some laughs and make it a memorable experience that you can all carry with you forever.

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