Abu Dhabi Police put cyclists on the right path

Abu Dhabi Police take drastic measures to ensure road safety for cyclists.

cyclists rules

Recently, dozens of cyclists had their bicycles confiscated in a safety drive by Abu Dhabi Police, which sent shockwaves through social media. Owners who failed to comply with safety rules were the targets of this effort and while it may not have felt good to have their wheels taken, there were some positive outcomes.

Those affected were invited to attend a bicycle safety awareness session and they’re all rolling again after police returned their bicycles with FREE safety gear inclusive of helmets and high visibility vests.

So, we’ve jumped on our bikes (see what we did there? ) and come up with these tips so you can cycle safely in the capital:

Always wear a helmet and appropriate reflective clothing.

Bicycles should be fitted with front and rear lights. Having a bell on your bike is a good idea too.

If you must ride in the street, keep to the right hand side – no crazy manuevers between lanes.

Use hand signals to indicate turns and obey traffic laws, including signs, lights and road markings.

You can find these rules and more tips at roadsafetyuae.com.

Check it out because failure to comply could get you fined between AED 200 and AED 500 depending on the offence.

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