Would you report to a robot boss?

It sounds straight out of a science-fiction movie, but most UAE residents dread the thought of having one. 

We like our bosses in good old fashioned flesh and bone, seems you do too.

A survey of just over a 1000 UAE residents in October 2019 by market research and data-analytics firm YouGov  showed that 24 percent of respondents indicated that they would feel uncomfortable with the thought of having robot co-workers.

The number increases to 34 percent when the idea of having a cyborg (a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts) manager was presented.

Men are more comfortable than women in sharing their professional life with robots – both as colleagues (44 percent men vs 31 percent women), and having them as a boss (38 percent men vs 26 percent women).

It gets better when it’s beyond the office environment, with 60 percent saying that they see themselves befriending a robot in the future.

Few respondents think robots have developed enough emotional capabilities to form human relationships.

The results reveal that 41 percent of respondents thinks robots will never develop emotional capabilities advanced enough to substitute human relationships.

Meanwhile, 34 percent believe robots have already surpassed humans intelligence-wise, while 39 percent thinks they will do so in time.

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