Religious leaders gather to promote tolerance

Highlighting the importance of open-mindedness in society, religious leaders of various faiths are coming together in Abu Dhabi for The Global Conference of Human Fraternity. 

The announcement comes from the Muslim Council of Elders, an Abu Dhabi-based, independent organisation headed by Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al Azhar.

In line with the Year of Tolerance, the conference will be held on 3rd and 4th February in conjunction with the inaugural visit of Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church, as well as Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb. Religious leaders from across the world are expected to attend the conference, which will highlight the importance of dialogue and acceptance among diverse communities as part of the country’s continued efforts to promote peace and understanding. 

Commenting on the announcement, Dr Sultan Faisal Al Remeithi, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Elders, said: “The Global Conference of Human Fraternity will serve as an intellectual forum to enable us to listen to the voice of reason and wisdom in human interactions regardless of one’s race and religious identity. It will also reinforce the concepts of citizenship and peaceful co-existence among communities.”

The conference will comprise sessions across three themes: Principles of Human Fraternity, Common Responsibility to Achieving Human Fraternity and Challenges and Opportunities of Human Fraternity. 

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