Ranking systems for auto workshops in the city rev up


A first of its kind classification system could change the way you have your vehicle serviced.

Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) recently launched a pilot project to help classify automotive workshops in the emirate.

Allowing drivers to make informed decisions and provide more information and insight into the standard of workshops in Abu Dhabi, the new system will rank businesses out of five stars.

Workshops will be ranked based on seven criteria including security, health and safety, appearance and environment, manpower, tools and equipment, materials and methods
of work.

Abdullah Hassan Al Muaini, executive director of conformity scheme services at QCC, said: “We are confident that our vehicle workshop classification scheme will enhance the competitiveness of the emirate with regard to the quality of services provided to motorists, while providing an enriching experience for customers and members of society at large.

“The scheme aims to motivate car workshop owners to upgrade their offerings, improve the quality of their services, and ensure customer satisfaction.”

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