New initiatives for people of determination

The UAE underscores its commitment to building a more inclusive society for people of determination.

People with determination programmes

The Authority of Social Contribution, Ma’an, has announced the ten winning teams in the first cycle of the Ma’an Social Incubator programME.

Four of the winning teams are international with the remaining six local.

The winning projects include innovative ideas like a mobile app that helps convert text to sign language.

Another one helps people with visual impairments to navigate their surroundings through sensors and visual recognition.

Ma’an is part of the ‘Ghadan 21’ accelerated development programme designed to spur diversity and growth in Abu Dhabi’s economy.

Ma’an Social Incubator programme is a first-of-its-kind in the region.

The programme supports the development of social concepts and start-up projects to support people of determination.

Each of the ten teams are eligible to receive AED 200,000 in funding for every successful milestone reached. They will also receive mentoring and support for living expenses for non-residents of Abu Dhabi.

Other notable finalists include The Butterfly Foundation, an advocacy agency to support people of determination in the emirate.

The Camp, an inclusive, seasonal, mobile sleepover camp for children of determination in the UAE.

The remaining finalists are I Hear You, Inclusive, Key2Enable, Martha Edu, Ioptyc by Nexart, RAB3I and Heroes of Hope.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy  and Etihad Aviation Group have signed a strategic partnership agreement to support the Zayed Agricultural Centre for Development and Rehabilitation.

The Centre is affiliated with the Zayed Higher Organisation for people of determination, and aims to support the organic farming programmes adopted by the Zayed Higher Organisation for people of determination in Abu Dhabi.


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