How to power up your parenting with your smartphone

Your smartphone could be your secret weapon when it comes to parenting. From finding child-friendly events to life organisers and more, here are the apps every parent should have at their fingertips.

Here’s a riddle: What does a smartphone have to do with your parenting skills?

Well, quite a lot, as it turns out. In fact, thanks to today’s ever-connected world, parents have a number of amazing options available thanks to that smartphone in your pocket.

From monitoring your baby’s sleep to planning your family’s schedule and keeping track of upcoming events, the apps of today are geared towards helping you upgrade your parenthood game and making your life easier.

All you need to do is download the right ones…


Keep your finger on the pulse of what kid-friendly activities are going on in the capital with the QiDZ app. Browse attractions, events and more on the app’s interface as well as reserving your spot through the booking system. You can also filter by your child’s age and interest, as well as search by occasions, including Eid, Christmas or Diwali – and you’ll get honest reviews from fellow parents. Free. iOS and Android

Cloud Baby Monitor

The days of carrying a walkie-talkie are over with this clever piece of tech that turns your phone into a smart baby monitor. When your little one is in the land of nod, set up an iPhone, iPad or computer and sync it to a second device of choice. The app will alert you when your child moves or makes noise, and you can tune in via a real-time video link. You can also use live audio and video chat, and the app works across wifi, mobile phone signal and Bluetooth, meaning you’re always connected. AED 14.99. iOS


Collating events, child-friendly activities, venues, play areas and restaurants across the UAE, this handy app means that you’ll never be out of the loop when it comes to things to do. Using geo-location, the app suggests family-friendly events and activities in the immediate area on any given day, making planning fun days out a snap. Free. iOS and Android


A ride-hailing app might not be your first thought when it comes to kids, but if you’re out and about and need a cab, Careem’s child-friendly service takes the stress out of travel. When you book a Careem Kids service, the car will come equipped with a universal car seat for little ones – perfect for travelling safely. Free. iOS and Android


From appointments to events and afterschool clubs, manage your family’s busy lifestyle with this planner app that lets you keep track of where everyone is at a glance. This smart piece of software syncs multiple users and calendars across different platforms with a shared weekly plan. It also has added features to keep your life organised, including real-time location tracking, a grocery list function and a meal planner. Free. iOS and Android

Chore Pad

We can’t promise your kids are going to love cleaning and tidying with this app, but it does make the process a little more fun, at least. With Chore Pad, children can take a more active role in helping out around the house with a customised set of tasks including making the bed, sweeping and tidying up. As each chore is ticked off, children earn stars and collect them to earn rewards from the grown-ups. AED 17.99. iOS


For new parents, the first few weeks with a newborn might feel like a blur of night feeds, very little sleep and trying to figure out exactly what this new mini-you needs. BabyTime helps you make sense of all the goings-on with its handy tracking function. From feeding times to sleep history, nappy changes and more, just tap in the information, track trends and use it to help implement a routine. AED 10.99. iOS and Android

Parental Control and Kid Tracker

The problem with our reliance on smartphones is that our kids have them too. That’s why apps like Parental Control and Kid Tracker come in handy. Parents can set screen-time limits, block access to inappropriate content and make sure their kids are staying safe online, all through their mobile device. Free. iOS and Android

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