KidzUnplugged provides a service for kids, parents, nannies, teachers and carers with ideas about a creative way for children to play without the use of technology. We have developed unique and interesting workshops based on technology free methods of play for children, such as the toy factory and a reader's world. We also have some workshops for adults titled the unplugged zone, which is simply an area in your child's place of care that is technology free. Our unplugged zone workshops helps carers learn how to develop the best unplugged zone for their child in their home. KidzUnplugged is a lifestyle, and a way for parents to have access for information and tips on how to balance out their child use of technology. We just want children to have a great childhood that they can remember.

School Type
PrivateEducational workshops,Educational workshops

Registration Period
Throughout the year


Education Level
2-8 years

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