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Our Core Belief

As generations have evolved over time, so have their characters, habits and daily rituals. In the old days, children were regularly exposed to practical life skills in their homes through daily chores and encouraged to undertake outdoor activities such as biking, swimming, tree climbing and hiking. This practical approach to raising children naturally developed their characters and instilled very fundamental values in them.

Today, however, the fast development of technology has greatly shifted that dynamic. Outdoor activity and chores have been pushed to the background and replaced with screens and smart phones. This, in turn, has left a massive impact on the interpersonal and intrapersonal abilities of children.

In light of those changes, the Modern Montessori approach was designed to keep today’s children motivated and challenged. Through the use of revolutionary equipment and toys, the method aids in the development of children’s sensory functions, numerical skills, literacy abilities and knowledge of the world, providing them with the right tools to become well-rounded and independent young minds.

Our approach also provides children with a clear set of guidelines to lead them, dividing kids into age groups with a maximum discrepancy of six months. By encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and try out as many different activities as they can, the method keeps children safe and stimulated, helping them form opinions and organically choose a learning path based on their interests. This also helps enhance their practical life experience and broaden their horizons along the way.


Our Nurturing Steps

Our comprehensive Modern Montessori Curriculum provides children with a secure and stimulating environment. The Multiple Intelligence education programme features an extensive array of activities to ensure your child’s early development through our carefully designed steps

We carefully designed our nurturing steps to:

•          Promote direct contributions in every activity

•          Simultaneously assist in co-operative and independent learning

•          Allow each child to flourish at their own pace

•          Foster a natural love for learning

•          Develop independence and a sense of responsibility

•          Develop respect for others and the environment

•          Stimulate the development of languages and individual abilities

•          Develop a positive attitude towards group behaviour and teamwork

•          Assist in the development of a healthy self-esteem

School Type


Education Level

Fee Range
AED 33,000 to AED 60,000

School Special Facilities
Play Ground,Health Clinic,Sleeping Room,Play Room,Parking Space

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