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Dots&Links was the first brain training center in Abu Dhabi, and has helped over 600 individuals since its founding in 2012. 

Our mission is to enhance a learner's core ability to learn faster, easier, and better. We are devoted to the idea that learners simply do not need to be pigeon-holed by labels or held back by learning or reading difficulties. We believe that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Our role would be to identify the causes of difficulties and then to strengthen them through our unique cognitive training program. We empower people by unleashing the potential they have within.

Dots & Links is licensed from LearningRx in the US to use the BrainRx program and ReadRx program. The BrainRx program strengthens the seven underlying mental skills including attention, memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic and reasoning and processing speed. The ReadRx program strengthens all literacy skills including reading fluency, comprehension, spelling and decoding. 

Main features of these programs:

  • Our programs use intense mental exercises.
  • The training uses a unique combination of one-on-one training and digital training.
  • Pre-training testing allows us to identify specific weak skills so we can target and strengthen them.
  • Post-training testing allows us to measure gains. 
  • Finally, by working with a personal brain trainer, students get the benefits of customized sessions, accountability, and lots of one-on-one encouragement.

School Type

Learning Skills Assessment Comprehensive Consultation Brain Training Program Reading and Literacy Program

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