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Venetian Village


La Brasserie – Classic French Cuisine At Its Finest

A classic French restaurant, the concept of La Brasserie is based on a traditional culinary journey which began in the 1960s when Chef Jean Paul Bucher carried this style to different parts of the world.

 La Brasserie is a chic and stylish dining spot with beautiful views of the Canal and a positively charming atmosphere. There is a tranquil feel to the location with a very casual outside setting and a tastefully decorated interior, leather seating and comfortable dining room, making diners feel relaxed but being able to bask in its elegance as well. It is one restaurant that will make you want to return to time and again.

La Brasserie has a lovely ambiance and is warm and welcoming to residents and tourists. Enjoy the mouthwatering dishes of perfect scallops, lobster ravioli, beef tartare, boeuf bourguignon, soulard duck confit, crispy goat cheese pastilla, Alsatian pasta gratin and top it off with delicious desserts like millefeuille with pears and salted caramel.

The restaurant is open daily from 12.30 PM to 11.00 PM and Friday brunch is until 3.30 PM. The service is consistently maintained to a high standard with charming, professional and courteous staff who engage sincerely with the diners.

 About Venetian Village

The Venetian Village is set in the Ritz Carlton in Abu Dhabi with six restaurants giving guests and food enthusiasts the opportunity to taste all styles, types and varieties of cuisines upon the banks of the Grand Canal. With its rich architecture and beautiful landscape we aspire to give diners a place to come to not just to satisfy your sizzling cravings but also to relax, unwind and enjoy some delicious delicacies. There is something for everyone at the Venetian Village. To make a booking at La Brasserie in the Village do not hesitate to email us at 

Fine Dining


AED 450 for 2

Opening Hours
12:30PM to 11PM


Dress Code
Casual Attire

Lunch, Dinner

Booking Needs

  • Kids Friendly
  • Alcohol Serve
  • Seating Outside
  • Valet Parking Available

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