Which of these car groups is right for you?

Driving doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. Find your crowd out there on the road by joining likeminded car fanatics across the UAE.

Look for a car group to join in Abu Dhabi

Joining a group that shares a common interest carries a lot of benefits. For car enthusiasts, being around fellow petrolheads through clubs allows you to swap stories and experiences and learn more about the vehicles you love.

A car club is also a great way to access information on parts, service centres and discounts offered by workshops and dealers.

You can also gain valuable advise from more experienced car owners and even get recommendations in case you’re considering changing or upgrading your ride.

But more importantly, you’ll gain new friends and participate in a number of fun activities off road, too.

With that being said, here are some of the community car groups around the UAE worth signing up to.

Let’s Just Drift

Daredevils in love with the art of drifting – a driving technique where a driver purposefully over steers and loses traction through a corner – can join this group, which is currently composed of 33 members.

The group conducts its activities at Yas Marina Circuit and is open to non-experienced drifters who want to learn about techniques and how to convert their cars to become drift ready as well as more experienced drivers. Visit: meetup.com/lets-just-drift

Abu Dhabi BMW Club

BMW fans share knowledge about repairs, parts, tuning and other BMW hot topics in the Abu Dhabi BMW Club. Branching out from technical topics, the group loves to socialise with its various activities such as picnics, drives and attending drifting events.

Its coffee and capture meet-up every second weekend of the month gathers members to simply hangout, grab a hot brew and take snaps of their beloved Bimmers. Visit: meetup.com/abu-dhabi-bmw-clup-meetup

Abu Dhabi Car Enthusiasts

Whether you’re into vintage rides, 4x4s or simply passionate about cars regardless of the make or model, this small group will suit you perfectly.

Bond with fellow car lovers and pick each other’s brains to find out about everything from technical aspects to driving experiences. Visit: meetup.com/abu-dhabi-car-enthusiasts

UAE Car Chicks

Touted as the first official ladies group of car owners in the UAE, this group welcomes women from across the country.

The group, which recently celebrated its third anniversary, conducts various fun activities for members, including group drives, attending motoring festivals, out-of-town meet-ups, barbecue parties and competitions with cool prizes. Visit: facebook.com/uaeccgroup

Abu Dhabi Classic Cars Club

Founded in 2007, this group, as the name suggests, is dedicated to classic car enthusiasts, with a focus on automobiles manufactured between 1949 to1979. The group was created to raise awareness about and preserve vintage vehicles, particularly those that made their way here to the UAE several decades ago.

Members enjoy special discounts at repair facilities, spare parts stores and even assistance to find and ship parts from abroad to the UAE, something vital for classic car owners considering the rarity of old parts. The group also hosts cruise nights where members meet up and drive around the city. Visit: adc3.ae

Emirates Classic Car Club

Speaking of vintage automobiles, the Emirates Classic Car Club also welcomes enthusiasts and owners of older models.

Members will receive information about events related to vintage cars and updates on where to purchase models for those wanting to grow their collection. Furthermore, members will gain insight on workshops and where to find parts for their rides. Visit: eccc.ae

Porsche Club UAE

If you’re driving around in a Porsche, then you might consider joining this group made up of fellow enthusiasts.

Members gather to share their love and experience of driving Porsche models, and organise events such as karting, driving activities at Yas Marina Circuit, road tours and more. Group members are also updated on factory and workshop deals. Visit:bit.ly/2Gb0EGb

Aston Martin Owners Collection UAE

Owners of this luxury vehicle have a chance to mingle with fellow owners through driving and non-driving activities across the UAE with the Aston Martin Owners Collection UAE.

Members also receive invitations to special Aston Martin events such as launches, exhibitions and company-run events. Search for Aston Martin Owners Collection UAE on Facebook.

The Ninth Degree Car Club

This popular group for race car fanatics hosts exciting events for members across the UAE, including road tours, mountain drives and races in venues such as Yas Marina Circuit, with members having the chance to get their hands on supercar models manufactured by the likes of Aston Martin and Lamborghini. Visit: facebook.com/ninthdegreecarevents

Gumball 7

This group’s motto is drive, socialise and experience. That’s exactly what members will get when they join this community made for car lovers. Gumball 7 took its name from the popular international car and music festival, Gumball 3000.

The group is open to all car enthusiasts and welcomes all types of models and brands. Members mingle through casual meet-ups where everyone can share their expertise, experiences and love for cars and driving. Visit: facebook.com/gumball7tm

Supercars Majlis

One look at the name and you can figure out what this group is passionate about. While the focus is on supercars, the good news is that you don’t have to own an exclusive brand of luxury car to join this group, as it’s all about bringing car fans together for socialising and road trip activities. Visit: instagram.com/supercarsmajlis

Black Eagles Motorcycle Club

This group was founded to bring together the growing number of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts from across the country. Members meet up mostly on the weekends to enjoy group rides where they take to the roads across the UAE and even neighbouring countries such as Oman.

Budding riders who want to learn more about motorcycling road rules and safety will benefit from the advice of experienced members. BEMC members love to socialise so if you join the group, expect a few stints in coffee shops and restaurants while out and about. Visit: bemcuae.com

UAE Adventure Riders

This small group of motorcycle riders is on a mission to explore the UAE’s desert and mountains through organised trips. The group is open to anyone with a 650cc+ dual sport motorcycle interested in long-distance riding to explore remote, off-road routes.

Part of the group’s aim is to organise single- and multi-day ride excursions between November and March each year including overnight camping trips in remote areas. Visit: meetup.com/uae-adventure-riders

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