You need to see this incredible footage from NYUAD

Scientists from NYU Abu Dhabi have witnessed a huge block of ice breaking off of the Thwaites Glacier in Greenland.

Known as calving, the melting and breaking-up of ice sheets has global significance, causing sea levels to rise.

Researchers from NYUAD, who are in Greenland to research the effects of climate change,  captured footage of a large block of ice breaking off from the Thwaites Glacier and the effects of the movement on the sea level and surrounding ice (above).

According to the latest predictions, if the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsed it could cause global sea levels to rise by ten feet, overwhelming coastal cities around the world like New York and Abu Dhabi.


Denise Holland, logistics coordinator for NYU’s Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and NYU Abu Dhabi’s Center for Global Sea Level Change, who filmed the calving event, said: “Knowing how and in what ways icebergs calve is important for simulations because they ultimately determine global sea-level rise.

“The better we understand what’s going on means we can create more accurate simulations to help predict and plan for climate change.”

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