How to avoid workplace stress

We all have days when we feel drained and overwhelmed by work but these stress-busting tips help to keep you mentally strong.

Too much work and overthinking can leave us feeling unmotivated and overly frustrated, taking its toll even in our personal lives and the people around us.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Sasha Quince, founder of Let’s Go Yoga, says having the right mindset can help overcome mental and physical exhaustion.

“When you have the right tips and tools to navigate these feelings, you can help yourself and in turn share that new energy with colleagues in your workplace,” she says.

Here are Sasha’s top tips to keep us sane in the workplace…

Awareness. Notice when you are beginning to drain mentally, tune out or lack the desire to focus. Awareness to the act at hand is the number one key to creating shifts that work.

Deep breaths. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth three to five times. Why? Because this zaps you into the present moment  while stimulating the energy pathways in your body and sparks your brain with circulation.

Ditch the dirt. Find yourself being absorbed into back-lashing or gossip? Choose to walk away and nourish your mind with something more productive and uplifting. Because negative vibrations bring negative vibrations.

Be grateful. Appreciation of your surrounding, your work, your colleagues, your environment infuse a healthy feeling into your whole being and have the power to uplift your spirits deeply.

Have a mantra. Some mantra examples to help you get into a more elevated state are: ‘I feel clear, energetic and happy,’ ‘My body and mind are energetic and clear – ready for the day,’ and ‘I choose to be here in this moment in appreciation.’

Sound. The power of sound can shift your mental state deeply. Whether you listen for a few minutes to the sound of the ocean, forest, birds, rain or even your favorite happy song this can create a great shift in anything that feels mentally draining.

Infuse your sense of sight. Whether you step outside or to a window take a moment to look at the sky, the trees, above or below your neutral gaze and be with what you see for a few moments. Not to judge it or rush it but just to be with what you see and help clear mental blockages.

Keep calm, everyone!

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