Check out these medieval artefacts in the capital

An upcoming exhibition at the Louvre Abu Dhabi is set to give art-goers a taste of life in the Middle Ages.

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Soon, you’ll be getting a taste of the Middle Ages here in Abu Dhabi.

Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West, the name of the exhibition running from 19th February to 30th May, will display objects of medieval chivalric culture from the Islamic and Christian worlds. 

More than 130 artefacts will be on display, from medieval armours to illuminated manuscripts depicting chivalric scenes. 

The show will pay homage to the values of the medieval Knights – courage, faith, loyalty and honour, which are common cultural aspects of both the Islamic East and Christian West – and will allow visitors to discover similarities of knightly traditions in these different parts of the medieval world.

It will also highlight the extraordinary cultural exchanges originating from key places such as southern Spain, Sicily and Syria.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi’s spectacular Ottoman horse armour from the late 15th century, installed alongside a European horse and knight armour from the first quarter of the 16th century loaned from Musée de l’armée will open the show.

A second section of the exhibition will allow visitors to discover objects centred on knightly combats and the art of battle, such as attack and defence armaments and equipment worn by the warrior’s horse. Educational manuscripts on war and fighting techniques will also be on display.

The final section of the exhibition will trace the development of a knightly culture through pastimes such as falconry, jousting, hippology (the study of horses) and chess with objects on show to highlight the cultural connections between the East and West.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive cultural programme, curated by Ruth MacKenzie, looking at contemporary culture through the lens of medieval traditions.

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