Are you looking for the perfect homework hideaway?

Whether you need a quiet place to finish your assignments or simply want a change of study scenery, these venues are conducive to getting work done


Stuck in your room all day at a small desk surrounded by empty coffee mugs and textbooks? Feel like the walls are closing in around you and the words on your laptop have stopped making sense for the past hour? We’ve all been there.

Studying at home as a student may not always be the ideal way to get work done, especially when stress starts to pile up and the same space becomes too crowded to get any work done.

Thankfully, there are plenty of student-friendly spots in Abu Dhabi that offer a change of scenery and a quiet corner where you can have a productive study session.

Art House Café


This artsy urban café has become known for its cosy vibe and unique look. The décor is inspired by recycled materials transformed into furniture, and surrounded by fairy lights and paintings, guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest art geek. Food is light and delicious with a good range of sandwiches, drinks and crepes at student-friendly prices – oh, and there’s free wifi. Next to Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Al Falah Street, Al Bateen. Daily 9am-midnight. Contact: 02 666 0175,

Third Place Café


This quiet villa-based spot is a favourite with students and has an artistic urban design with plenty of space to settle down and get your essay finished. There’s also a dedicated space upstairs that recently opened up specifically geared towards students as a place to sit and study. There are board games and books for when you need a break – just don’t let them distract you for too long. The menu is student-budget friendly with a diverse selection, including breakfast dishes like shakshouka, sandwiches, salads, burgers and pasta. We recommend the decadent dark orange iced coffee or the refreshing watermelon and strawberry juice. Corniche. Daily 8am-11pm. Contact: 02 681 1877,

Umm Al Emarat Park


They say nature can help manage stress, so switch it up a bit and try going outside to get some of your work done. The expansive Umm Al Emarat Park offers a number of beautiful spots where you can sit and enjoy some quiet among nature from open grassy spaces to small cafes if you prefer to sit with a drink and grab a bite to eat. Take advantage of the weather, grab a blanket and your laptop and head for this serene study spot. AED 5. Mohamed Bin Khalifa Street, Al Mushrif. Daily 8am-midnight. Contact: 02 666 9559,

Café Arabia

Explore something different with Café Arabia, a three-story community café that offers a homey space for everyone from students and book lovers to artists and friends. Enjoy some coffee and cake on the first floor surrounded by local artwork or head upstairs to the study zone filled with long tables that are ideal for working on. There’s also free wifi for the first hour, handy for anyone doing research. This is the best place to go for a chat with friends in a study group, or to get your essay done in a comfortable place that feels like home. Mubarak Bin Khalifa Street, opposite Umm Al Emarat Park, Al Mushrif. Sun-Wed 6.30am-11pm, Thu-Sat 7am-midnight. Contact: 02 643 9699,

Khalifa Park Library

For a quieter environment specifically designed for studying, give this National Library branch a try. Take your books and headphones and spend a few hours finishing up the work you’ve been procrastinating over for the past week. Off Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street. Sun-Fri 8.30am-7.30pm, Sat 4pm-7.30pm. Contact: 02 657 6034, 

WORDS Reem Makari

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