This Indian cafe is still going strong

We revisit this stylish Indian cafe (Yes, cafe, not restaurant) and it still tastes good. Don’t believe us? Head over to their Facebook page and read the reviews or better still, go visit and tuck in!  

The Kettle Corner is located in Boutik Mall on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi and has a distinct Parisian feel with those stereotypical wooden chairs and marble-topped tables, glass-panelled walls that look out into the mall. There are also pavement tables and chairs, which are idealfor a spot of people watching.

The only real nod to  India are the large portraits of Bollywood actresses on the walls and the brass lanterns hanging from the exposed ceiling.

A huge coffee and tea station greets guests, so it’s obvious from the get-go that hot beverages are a specialty – the other clue being the number of patrons simply sipping and chatting with friends.

The menu is authentic, with a generous but not overwhelming list of items that includes breakfast, street snacks, salads, sandwiches, wraps and paratha rolls.

The vada pav, a Mumbai specialty, so we’re told, is a great start. Two soft, sweet white buns encase a mashed potato patty that’s battered and deep fried, complemented by a dusting of spiced, crushed peanuts and a spicy-sweet tamarind sauce on the side.

The butter chicken samosa is equally as satisfying: two over-sized samosas are stuffed with a mildly spiced minced chicken in a crispy case without the usual greasiness that lingers on your fingers.

For something more filling, try the Desi sarnie, a grilled sandwich stuffed with an Indian masala mix of potato, raw onions, tomato and tamarind sauce.

The omelette pav, another Mumbai street food staple, is equally as straightforward. Full of flavour, the dish comprises a fluffy vegetable omelette with two soft, sweet buns, fries and ketchup for a DIY dish that hits the spot.

Of course, the visit isn’t complete without a cup of tea. The Masala chai, a milky black tea infused with ginger, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom is a great end to the meal.

The Kettle Corner will certainly hit the spot when you need your Indian fix, or a taste of home, and we’re eager to return to try breakfast, especially since the cafe opens really early. Perhaps you’ll join us!

The details

Location: The Kettle Corner, Boutik Mall, Al Reem Island
We say: Traditional Indian bites in a modern café setting
Opening times: Daily 7am-11pm
Contact: 02 884 4560,


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