How is the UAE protecting its marine life

The UAE has revealed its national agenda to counter the effects of overfishing and protect key marine species from further decline.

The UAE National Framework for Sustainable Fisheries 2019-2030 was presented by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) at the World Ocean Summit 2019, hosted in the capital earlier this month.

Included in the framework – the country’s first national recovery plan for fisheries – are key actions such as measures to help reduce pressure on fish stocks from commercial and recreational fishing.

It also recommends implementing more research and programmes to improve fish stocks, and installing artificial reefs in protected areas to aid the rehabilitation of marine habitats.

Recent studies have shown that the UAE’s fish stocks are decreasing due to overfishing brought by increasing demands from the country’s growing population.

“At present, we are facing a twofold challenge. First, we are working to sustain our fisheries and allow them to replenish. At the same time, we have the responsibility of meeting the growing market demand for fish,” Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, minister of climate change and environment, commented.

“The UAE National Framework for Sustainable Fisheries will help us strike a balance between the two priorities.

“This monumental step for our nation will enable us to preserve our long-standing fishing tradition for years to come.

“Together with EAD and key government authorities and in consultation with our fishing community, we are confident that this framework will guide us towards a sustainable future for the UAE’s fisheries sector.”

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