Game on – Sony’s PlayStation 4


The computer console mega giants are at war – and both camps have brought out the big guns

Sony Playstation is due to release the fourth member of its ‘family’ before the end of this year. But how does it compare to Microsoft’s new kid on the block, the Xbox One?

The future of gaming

In issue 26 of the magazine, we explained how the Xbox One plans to be an all-encompassing device connected to your TV to play games, watch movies and socially interact on – nothing else would be needed. This raised the question “is this a gamer’s device or not?” Sony is making it very clear to the world that their PS4 is for the gamer. No extras (apart from your usual Blu-ray drive and internet connection) and there is no sign of Skype or Netflix like the Xbox One. Aesthetically? The streamline and sleek exterior is brimming with elegance. Its aggressive and contemporary styling shadows the Xbox One’s larger, more bulky physique. But it’s what’s going on inside that we are interested in…


The PS4 is priced at $399, $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. Is this a tactical move in the digital warfare world, or is it because the kit isn’t as advanced? Well both consoles are technically rather similar. Equally with eight-core processors and Blu-ray drives, these computers have some serious power. The difference though is the Compute Units. These CUs are essentially the processing power for the console and have a great effect on the lighting and graphics of its games. The PS4 boasts 18 CUs where the Xbox One holds 12 CUs. So theoretically the PS4 has a 50 percent louder gaming growl than the Microsoft machine. We must also consider that there are lots of other aspects like technical elements and design, which can affect performance so this is not just a simple 50 percent advantage to Sony. However this is quite an indication they have more bite.

Taking control

Both parties have upgraded their controllers, the PS4 more so than the Xbox One, but this isn’t necessarily better. Sony’s new controller now has a touchpad installed but what we really like is the new share button. This allows you to share with the world your virtual conquests. The Xbox One’s upgraded controller has concentrated on gaming comfort rather than fancy buttons. The two consoles have cameras and this is where Microsoft dominates. Recognising six people at once, face and voice recognition and even your blood flow levels to see if you’re tired, scared or excited, the Kinect blows Sony’s Eye camera out of the digital waters of war. Remember: the camera comes as standard with the Xbox One, whereas the Sony Eye is a separate purchase. Is that $100 really that much of a difference?

The games

This is what really matters, right? Sony are determined to prove that they are still very much focused on gaming and gaming only. Sneak previews of Assassin’s Creed IV and Fifa 2014 show incredible graphics and visuals. Microsoft will have more games available on launch date, but Sony has an expansive collection ready and waiting to unleash on the battlefield early next year.

The verdict

It’s difficult to tell before both consoles hit the shelves. Microsoft is trying to reinvent the gaming world. And at this moment in time after both consoles previewed at the E3 conference, the world is more Sony-sphere than extra terrestrial Xbox. But this could all change the minute they are released in shops. Watch this space…

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